Adversity –¬†difficulties; misfortune. Adversity Clothing Company is all about reaching the top, and never looking back. When I was thinking of ideas I had been going through hard times in my life, so i quickly got caught up on the idea of adversity. with a few ideas and help with some close friends i was able to make my dream a reality. with hard work and dedication you can conquer anything you set your mind too, and any obstacle that is stuck in your path, you will be able to overcome. this is where my dream came true, and i have never looked back since. I used to be the owner of another t-shirt clothing line, but i had never really felt the love, or connection to it as i feel with this. adversity clothing is way more than a brand or clothing line, adversity clothing is all about helping one another conquer the mountain called life, help each other find the correct path to walk on in life, and to dream for the stars, because you just never know when that dream can turn into a reality. keep fighting whatever stands in your way, you might feel like you are alone, but all of us are walking down the same path, and it’s up to each of us to conquer adversity and bring it to it’s knees or crumble under the pressure. Keep fighting!