About Us

A loving couple making our dreams a reality.

I (Alek) started my online shop in October of 2017, in hopes of just making money to pay the bills and enjoy a simple life. I worked very hard to get my shop to where it is at today, and I am still going to continue to work as hard as I can to make my shop more cost effective, simple to understand, and easy to get into contact if needed. Aylin is my amazing wife, who, is in charge of the major aspects of talking with y'all, making memories, changing lives through gifts, and enjoying the company and happiness that y'all can give us through this amazing shop. We have known each other for about 8 years, and I always found myself always having some part of my life revolve around her, and so I always hoped she would be a huge part of my life in some way, and I guess you could say I was "right." We got engaged on October 25th in what was going to be our house, and is our house now, when we got married in April 7th of 2019. We always make sure deadlines are met, our amazing and loving clients receive what they are needing in a timely manner, and make sure our quality never stops being just that. Quality. Aylin is the one that keeps me grounded, and I know with her help, this online shop will be even better, we will be able to expand, sell more, ship out faster, and we will be able to cut out pricing that won't be necessary anymore. Y'all aren't our customers, instead y'all are our clients, because every person we talk to daily, or simply make something for them, becomes part of our worldwide family, and we hope that in the future we can continue to keep bringing amazing quality items but more importantly we can keep striving to please, each and everyone, of our amazing clients.



We started on etsy and are still going strong on there. However we felt it was time to branch out and really make something that is only ours. We decided it was time and have really enjoyed the freedom we now have outside of etsy. Although Etsy is still our home we are still happy to have another home away from home. Thank you! www.etsy.com/shop/adversitygifts